Greetings from Mary Jones,

Below is some information about Heartsong Vibrational Healing Concerts, the CD and the vibrational alignment modality that inspired them.

Heartsong, a multidimensional carrier wave for communion with the Divine, unlocking cellular memory.

"Sit back and watch the visuals from within your mind as these sounds create special energies that will stir you in ways you didn't expect!"

Radio show Interview done July 2008: Blogtalk radio, The Vortex Network: Music and the Muse:

Heartsong playshops assist those in finding their own unique way of connecting, expand their ability to activly listen multdimentionally, and expand their direct connection with the Divine within.

"Man does not close himself only from the external life, but also from the inner part which is still more important part of his life. That inner part is also sound, that inner part is light: and when one gets in touch with this sound and this light, then one knows that language which is the language of Heaven, a language which is expressive of the past, the present and the future, a language which reveals the secret and character of nature, a language which is receiving and giving that Divine message which the prophets have tried at times to reveal."

Hazret Inyat Khan Indian Sufi Master (1882-1927)


The sessions vary in intensity and duration, and are recorded digitally and burned to a CD for the clients to keep. These sessions can be done in person, or over the phone. Heartsong works on many vibrational levels, It is multidimensional. As a result, people are guided to listen more with their Hearts, instead if their brains, and able to receive much more information in an expanded way. It also acts as a “carrier wave” for Divine energy, assisting in alignment and awakening cellular memory.

English language and all the perceptions, rationalizations and mindsets we have adopted living here as human on this earth are inadequate to express or translate direct knowing of Source. Listening with our hearts I feel is the key, a step towards remembering who we truly are. Heartsong expresses in languages, sung and spoken that vary depending on the people or person that is drawn for the experience, creating a sacred space for human and Source to come together in communion. This is their personal experience they create as they bring in their intent. I act as the conduit and the spaceholder. What happens in that space has varied widely, from deep relaxation, opening and aligning of the Heart and Crown Chakras, DNA downloads, awakening cellular memory, Light body activation, past life healings, messages that people can understand but cannot give a word for word translation, the experiences vary widely. All feel a deep sense of receiving blessing, relaxation and peace.

"As Mary Jones was singing my personal light language, incredible images started flooding my consciousness, from both a distant past, my present and the future. I felt I was traveling to the stars, to my divine origins and recreating my own destiny. I have since listened many times to the recording she kindly made for me of that initial session and every time it feels like it's unraveling a deeper layer, bringing me closer to my radiant truth. I cannot recommend her work enough."
Michelle Karén M.A., D.F.Astrol.S.
International Astrologer, Conference speaker, Writer
Author of Astrology for Enlightenment (Atria Books, NY)


Mary has performed Heartsong Vibrational Healing Concerts in California, Hawaii, and the Netherlands.

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She has also performed in concert with Ken Davis, internationally renown composer from Australia


Heartsong CD   HeartsongII CD   HeartsongIII CD

I recorded the first CD Heartsong in San Francisco in Jan of 2007 with a remarkable sound engineer and sound healer. We used the Solfeggio scale tones (an ancient sacred scale used in ancient Gregorian chants, used by many sound healers today) by utilizing specially made tuning forks, accompanied by keyboards. All the songs were improvisations, or “first takes”. Nothing was rehearsed or added later. The only thing we needed to do out of necessity was to shorten some of the tracks so it would all fit on to 1 CD.

Heartsong II was recorded in 2010, this CD has been long awaited by many who have heard some of these songs in concert. This CD manifested differently than the first, I would wake up in the morning hearing beautiful melodies in my mind. I was compelled to composed music backgrounds to support these beautiful songs.

Heartsong III recorded later in 2010, in response to a dear friend asking assistance with orphaned children in Nepal that she had taken responsibility for. She and I recorded this CD in the USA, she playing her beautiful old tibetin bowls as I sang Heartsong. All profit goes to the children in Nepal.

Heartsong is Divinely inspired forms of “languages”, toning and overtoning that promote one to quiet the mind, and take you on a journey within the heart for meditation, reflection, relaxation and self healing.

These CD's are used in the hospital for Palliative care, Hospice, and by many massage therapists, Reiki Masters, and Tai Chi practitioners. Many use them for relaxation, personal healing and meditation.

European Distributer Jan Buis

Here are some comments made by those who have heard Heartsong:

"Sit back and watch the visuals from within your mind as these sounds create special energies that will stir you in ways you didn't expect!"

“You know, this CD is absolutely beautiful. I'm pretty scrutinizing and would definitely not say that to make you feel good. The recording quality is great and the vocals are an inspiration to me. Excellent use of selective reverb in the voice... I know it's not planned, but it is all so very tastefully done. You're on my wow list. Thank you so much for sharing this CD with me. I called it balls, which it most certainly is, but maybe "guts" is a better term, to follow that guidance and really make something beautiful, inspiring, and tasteful. It is very difficult to intuit such sacred things and not express it in a way that comes across as "new age yahoo." Not an ounce of "I'm on the moon thinking I'm connecting to people," vibe. Very genuine and solid, and you don't even have to reach to feel it. Again, a great honor to begin my new awareness in your home. Not enough words.”
Matheu Bourque, San Diego, Ca

“Heartsong, by Mary Jones is a powerful experience. Mary’s beautiful soothing voice brought a heightened level of inner strength, peace and awareness. I felt the power and presence of healing energy pass into me as the tones and vibrations resonated through. Heartsong brings an awe-inspiring, nurturing and comforting familiarity that is unforgettable.”
Catherine Millman, LLC Holistic Practitioner

Heartsong: Extraordinary Languages of Light & Vibration "Heartsong is an incredible vibrational healing tool for alignment and personal revelation. I can personally attest that listening to one of Mary's public performances or better yet, having your own personal Vibrational alignment sessions with Heartsong, is a truly extraordinary healing experience."
Sandie Sedgbeer, PLW Editor

"Tuesday, February 2, 2010
This past Sunday, I was very blessed to spend some time with a few new friends, where our purpose for gathering together was to allow our inner child room to play. Our wonderful host, happens to be an incredible singer of "Heartsongs", a method of singing that resonates to the listener's heart. There is no other way to describe this experience, other than her voice being that of an Angel. As she sang with no background music, there seemed to be a orchestra accompanying her as she performed her songs.

The beauty of the harmonics heard in her voice, is clearly channelled from beyond. Her Heartsongs unfolded clearly into a dialogue with my spirit, in a ancient language unbeknown to me. My spirit felt as if the Angels were attuning me to a higher frequency, and aligning my energy centers (Chakras) as this process continued onward to completion.


Mary started and continues her path as a healing facilitator and as a Registered Nurse. Following a lengthy career as a surgical nurse and catastrophic case manager. Mary had many experiences that showed her that there are so many ways we can heal and empower ourselves. She facilitates healing with Heartsong vibrational healing modality in the form of concerts, Heartsong Playshops, private sessions and a beautiful CD. She is also a reverend, Spiritual life coach, Reiki master, and founding director of Felicita Growth Center. Heartsong is heart opening and expanding, assisting in connection with the Divine in ways that cannot be expressed with human words. It invites us to commune with Source in a more direct way, through the language of the Heart. Heartsong started out with a very strong, very deep heart’s desire to facilitate the best and highest good of All That Is. I was shown how even as a small child I would sing to the skies from the top of a tree. This beautiful gift became more activated when I was in my teens, just speaking in different Divine languages, later, as I devoted myself to be of service, I was nudged by Spirit to sing it as well, then nudged again to add energy work, toning and ertoning. I am in love with the world and all that dwell upon Her, and I choose to assist all in their path to self empowerment. Offering Heartsong Vibrational Healing in the form of concerts, Heartsong Playshops, private sessions and these CD's are some of my dreams to be able to offer yet another way for people to have an experience of a beautiful Heart connection to Source.

In Love & Light, Mary Jones
Singer of Heartsong
Founder and Director of Felicita Growth Center
Escondido, Ca 92029